Poster Preparation Instructions


There will be a number of posters presented during the conference, exhibited at each poster session. In order to make these sessions run smoothly, some cooperation from you, as a poster exhibitor, is necessary. Please make sure your poster is put up before the start of the session and removed after it has ended. 

The placement of your poster will be marked on the panel, where it will be presented with the number of your poster contribution:  PS1A, PS1B, etc.
Look for your number in the conference program.

The recommended format is A0 portrait: 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm  (33.1 inch x 46.8 inch).  

Please include a 5 cm x 5 cm photo of the presenter in the upper right hand corner of the poster, and underline the name of the presenter in the author listing.

Your posters will be attached to the panel with push pins, which will already be available on the panel. (Double sided tape will also be available.)  If you need more pins, please contact the poster area proctor. After you have removed your poster, please leave pins on the board.